-Spanish Linguistics
-Spanish Literature


-Lingüística del español
-Literatura en español


-LSPA 105: Graduate Teaching Assistant
-LSPA 300: Teaching Assistant


-LSPA 105: Asistente graduada de enseñar
-LSPA 300: Asistente de enseñar


-Academic Conferences


-Conferencias académicas


This portfolio is the result of my work in the Master’s program of Spanish Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Colorado State University. The three sections – Academic, Pedagogical and Professional – contain papers, presentations and projects that I have completed during my Master’s studies.

Mary Teaching

My professional goal is to be a Spanish teacher in a secondary school. I am fascinated by the Spanish language, culture and literature, and I hope to share my knowledge with students to influence their desire to learn Spanish. Also, I want to be a life-long learner, and one way to do this, specifically in relation to Spanish, is to continue traveling to foreign countries. With my future travels, I will familiarize myself with the culture, people and dialect of various Spanish-speaking countries which will make me a more knowledgeable educator.